Include low income unbanked migrant workers in the new digital economy

Provide migrant workers who are outside the financial system with an easy, low-cost and innovative way to send remittances and obtain microcredit for their families at a reasonable cost, without financial knowledge, just with a mobile phone.

Low-income migrant workers are not fully included financially, meaning:

Unbanked Workers cannot open a bank account due to lack of credit history and sufficient funds

Credit access They do not have access to credit at reasonable costs

Send Money to their families in home country:

  • Expensive It has high commission cost per transaction
  • Not Practical Must go to physical money reception points, long lines (long waiting time)
  • Availability Delay Money arrives at home country usually in not less than 48 working hours
  • Bureaucratic Needs signed physical affidavit, lots of paper and inefficient KYC controls

Migrant Workers.

World Total
Africa & Asia
Latinoamerica & Caribe

We can change this... We introduce HAWA

We want to offer migrant workers a simple and economical way to send and receive money and to obtain microcredits based on AI automated created profile, without bureaucracy and from their mobile phone. This service is aimed at serving unbanked migrant workers (generally low-income) and their families, by sending remittances previously deposited in ATMs or at a kiosk. Families will be able to use the received money and/or extra money from credit, in nearby stores or withdraw the money. No prior financial or technological knowledge is required.

Thanks to the security and reliability of blockchain, advancements in AI algorithms and the low operating cost, the solution will help democratize personal finances by including the low-income population in the financial circuit, allowing people to take small loans and families to maximize the money received. Families will have the opportunity to use the money received almost instantly.

All of this will establish the first step to enter the new digital economy based on the trend of digital currency adoption.


simple to use

Money sent in 2 clicks to whomever and whenever you want


Cheap transaction cost thanks to technology and the most competitive commission on the market.

Does not require your own bank account

The money to be sent is handled 100% from the application.

Ready to use

Money sent is available in minutes

Key points

Blockchain technology to guarantee transparency, security and reliabiliy in money sending transactions
Consumer business agreements
Agreements with stores for the use of remittances and delivery of money
NGOs alliances
Reaching users through alliances with NGOs that provide services to migrants.
Collection agreements
Collection agreements with banking entities at origin (avoids the need for own offices).
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Suggest micro loans based on users histroy and potencial life events thanks to AI (AI based financial behavioral profile).

Use of artificial intelligence to balance liquidity pools and optimize exchange rates.

Regulatory Requirements Engine

To mange KYC, AML and all other country specific regulatory requirements.